Welcome from the Head Teacher

I’m Beth Barnsley, and I will be the Head Teacher when Elm Tree opens in September 2022.  The school will be built on Friar Park Road, Wednesbury, in Sandwell and I look forward to growing a school where pupils, parents, and staff can be proud to be part of the Elm Tree family.

We want our pupils to be seen and heard as valued members of their community, and we believe our pupils can and will achieve amazing things.  Our curriculum will inspire each pupil to progress in the areas of independence, communication, and social development, preparing them for the next phase of education.

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Are you using our new primary schemes of learning? ✍️

Our schemes explored webinar provides practical examples to give you all the guidance and inspiration you need to implement and deliver the new schemes in your classroom 👩‍🏫

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This free handbook is super-simple. Look up the behaviours a student is showing in class... and see if they're linked to conditions like autism, ADHD and attachment disorder. Then the handbook even tells you what strategies to put in place. https://beaconschoolsupport.co.uk/SEN-handbook.php

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